Live Life On Purpose

Life-long friends Shane and Vic will lead you in engaging conversation, and will also introduce you to a diverse group of guests who are making a positive impact in their communities. If you have a burning desire to dominate your space through passion-driven action, this podcast is for you!


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“EP 68 Touch The Line”

Miyamoto Musashi once said, “You can only fight the way you practice”. So, how do you fight for your dreams, goals and aspirations? In this episode, both Doc and Coach, point to examples from their journey where they could have fought harder to achieve the dream they set out to. It is in their revelation that the audience will find the lesson to not make the same mistakes they did. Lean in, Learn and Live Life On Purpose!


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Ep 116: Lets Talk About Fear

Ep 116: Lets Talk About Fear

What are you afraid of? In this episode, Doc and Coach discuss the fears that hold them back and propel them towards their goals. Just another conversation with two brothers, and you get to listen in. Enjoy

Ep 115: Is learning a Skill?

Ep 115: Is learning a Skill?

Is learning a skill, or is every person born with a certain skill set? Sit back as Doc and Coach drop gems on how people learn and Grow.

Ep 114: Understanding the Moment

Ep 114: Understanding the Moment

When opportunity knocks, will you be ready? In this episode, Doc and Coach run down the rabbit hole of self-worth again and use that concept to tackle the idea of understanding the moment.

Ep 113: Freedom or Comfort

Ep 113: Freedom or Comfort

What does freedom look like to you? In this episode, Doc and Coach discuss the negatives and positives of both comfort and freedom. What is the difference, and where is the line? Speaking candidly and openly as they always do, Doc and Coach share...

Ep 112: From Bad to Good

Ep 112: From Bad to Good

In this episode, Doc and Coach discuss the steps and mindset it takes to turn a bad situation into a good one. In addition, Doc finally shares what he's been so quiet about this quarter.

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Ep 1: First Step

Doc and Coach explore the process of finding one's purpose by unpacking the challenges that often derail the journey to achieving greatness. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

Ep 2: F.E.A.R (Face Everything And Rise) – Interview with D Scales

Doc and Coach interview one of the most talented and versatile artists just as he is beginning to ascend in his career, Dee Scales. During this exploration, we uncover a stumbling block that affects us all. D Scales reveals how fear has impacted his career, but also...

Ep 3: Low Hanging Fruit

It’s so easy to chase after low hanging fruit, but at what cost? To be stuck for years in a career that has no upward mobility? Or to endure the same circle of influence that influences us away from having dreams and expectations to excel? In this segment, both Doc...

Ep 4: The Missing Piece Part 1

What's missing in your life that has you living in a mediocre state? Is it a person? Is it an attribute? Or is it an experience? In one of the more thought-provoking conversations yet, Doc and Coach reveal a secret that unlocks the code for maximum achievement and...

Ep 5: Diversity

📷 A follow-up to the Missing Piece pt.1, the guys, interject a much-needed conversation on Diversity. With society so focused on broadcasting individuality, it was essential to draw a link between people, their opinions, and their pursuit of greatness. Coach...