Shane Colquhoun, Ph.D.

Shane Colquhoun, Ph.D.




The Producers of Pop

Shane Colquhoun, Ph.D., is an author, content creator, scholar, arranger, and Grammy-nominated music educator with a diverse musical background in music education and production. Shane is the Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Contemporary Music Styles at Alabama State University. He has published in General Music Today, the Media Journal in Music Education, and is the author of The Producers of Pop: A Comprehensive Plan for Studying Popular Music Producers.

Victor Nichols

Victor Nichols



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Victor Nichols, “Coach Vic”, is a Motivational Speaker and Leadership Development Coach who delivers high-energy presentations that challenge audiences to leave mediocre habits in the past. He earned his B.A. in Political Science from Eastern Kentucky University and spent the next 20 years of his career helping the top leaders in many organizations advance their strategy in the areas of Leadership Development, Learning and Development, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Sales Performance and managing large corporate teams.

The Purpose Addicts Podcast has been around for 3 years



The Purpose Addicts Podcast is a transformative platform that goes beyond mere inspiration, providing practical strategies and insights to help listeners overcome obstacles that may threaten to derail their individual journeys. With a strong emphasis on personal growth and success, this podcast serves as a beacon of motivation for those who are relentless in their pursuit of excellence.

Join lifelong friends Vic and Shane as they skillfully lead you through engaging conversations, unveiling the secrets to achieving your goals and unleashing your full potential. Through thought-provoking discussions and interviews with a diverse group of guests who are actively making a positive impact in their communities, this podcast offers a unique blend of inspiration, knowledge, and actionable advice.

If you have an unwavering burning desire to dominate your space through passion-driven action, The Purpose Addicts Podcast is your indispensable companion on the path to success. Get ready to embrace your purpose and unleash the addict within you!